About Us

WE LOVE Burgers!

When owner, founder and operator of Original Slap Burger, Chad Barlow and his dog Hank arrived in New Orleans they weren’t sure what was next for them. They had just left Nashville and had planned on moving to Key West. But as is so often the case in the Crescent City, he stopped in town and couldn’t resist the pull of NOLA. In his quest to find how he was going to fit in, he fell into a familiar and comforting life. The Burger Life.

Since firing up the grill in 2022, Original Slap Burger has served billions* of burgers to hungry people in New Orleans. A favorite of locals and tourists alike, Original Slap Burger prides itself on doing burgers the right way. Our 80/20 ground beef is combined with Chad’s secret ingredients to make the most mouthwatering smash burgers in the universe.The Original Slap Burger is dressed with Slap Sauce, dill pickles, grilled onions, and yellow American cheese, all on a toasted brioche bun. And there’s other options too! We promise you that THESE BURGERS SLAP!

With a constantly evolving menu, Original Slap Burger is now proud to offer a completely VEGAN BURGER, in addition to our other offerings! There’s no reason that carnivores should be the only ones who get to experience the joy of a Slap Burger.

So come on down to Marie’s bar in the Marigny and let us leave you with a full belly and a full heart!